Canon 70d vs. 80d A Detailed Comparison

DSLR cameras have become very common. There was a time when professionals used DSLRs. But that is not the case now. It has become a very gadget that is owned by many people, especially youngsters. Even though there are a lot of DSLR brands, there are only a few major players. One among them in Canon. The brand is known for being ahead of its time and for coming up with products of unparalleled quality. In this article, we will see a concentrate of two Cannon’s DSLRs. It will be canon 70d vs. 80d.

The specs

Canon 80D

The Canon 80D is a 24MP camera that has an APS-C CMOS Sensor. The ISO ranges from 100 to 16000. It is a three inch fully articulated screen with a pentaprism optical viewfinder. It has 7.0 frames per second. The resolution of the video is 1920 x 1080. The dimensions of the camera are 139 x 105 x 79 mm. The weight of the camera is a 730g. The entire body of the camera is weather resistant.

Canon 70D Specs

The Canon 70D is a 20MP camera that is equipped with an APS-C CMOS sensor. The ISO of the camera ranges from 100 to 12800. The screen is a 3 inch, fully articulated screen. It is capable of shooting seven frames per second. The resolution of the video is 1920 x 1080. The dimensions are 139x104x79mm. It weighs around 755g.

The common strengths

There is not much of the strength when it comes to the specs of the camera. Hence there is a lot in common when it comes to the strengths of both the cameras. Some of them are the wireless connection, articulating screens, built-in flash, external flash mounts, touch screen, good quality viewfinder, RAW image support, face detection focus, max resolution, continuous shooting, weather and environmental sealing, crystal clear LCD display, AE bracketing, and smartphone remote control.

The common weakness

No product in the market is absolutely flawless. Everything has its fair share of flaws. If both of them have strengths, they are also bound to have some flaws. The one common flaw that both 80D and 70D share is the lack of image stabilization feature.

The cost

From the comparison of the specs, it is very obvious that Canon EOS 80D is better because it has 24MP which is higher when compared to EOS 70D and the weight is also a bit less by 50g which does not make a huge difference. When it comes to cost, there is a difference of about a hundred dollars between 80D and 70D.

The final verdict

Since there is a very minute difference when comparing both the cameras, the cost is the one that will be the deciding factor. If you are looking to save some money, then it is better to go for 70D. If you want the best specs which could make a difference if you are handling high-level photography, then 80D would be a better option.

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