How to crush your first gig as a wedding photographer

Being a photographer is a big responsibility in itself. You don’t have to capture the pictures only but you have to capture the emotions, feelings, and beauty of the event. A photographer needs to satisfy client with the quality.

Wedding photography is not about the camera and location but it’s about how much you are adding into it and this project can boost your career as well. If you are a wedding photographer and trying to boost your career, then here are some of the great tips.


At the time of creating a gig, you should be practical and real. You don’t have to talk about the thing which is of no importance to the client. The client doesn’t have that much time to read out the whole description but they want to the point details. provides you the complete instructions about creating a perfect gig.

Attraction is the most important thing to add into your gig if you want your gig to be successful. Let your client know that you can meet their expectations and your work throughout the project will make them feel satisfied and relaxed


You need the impress the client from your previous work if you want to create a perfect gig. You need to show them something creative, unique and attractive that’ll help them decide that you’re the perfect person for the project.

You should add unique and beautiful shots in your portfolio. People look for the different angles because they need everything to be perfect on the wedding day. If you want to get your hands on the great project, then you should add best shots in your portfolio.


What if someone is looking for the right packages and maybe you are the one they are looking for? To make your gig strong and powerful as a photographer you should prepare some eye-catching packages for the clients.

Let them know how much you can do on a certain budget and what kind of skills you can offer them. Make your packages according to the market rates and don’t exceed.


People who are looking for the photographer usually have lots of concerns in their mind. They are usually concerned about whether the photographer is going to discuss the ideas with them or not.

You need to discuss your ideas with the client to make them feel relaxed and satisfied. Let your client know that they are your priority.


Let your client know that how professional you are and how you keep yourself ready anytime for the client. At the end of the gig, it would be great if you write about how will you do homework every night on the project of the client.

This is going to leave a great impression on your client and they will definitely hire you to take benefit of your amazing skills.

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