Helpful tips about photography

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Everybody loves capturing photos of their own and their loved ones and there are people who have a craze of capturing photos of different locations, buildings, and memorable things but the problem is that everybody can’t capture a picture like a professional photographer.

However, the tips we’re going to share here will help you become a better photographer and these tips will save you a lot of time. These tips will not only benefit the beginners but experts can also enjoy their benefits.

These tips will help you gain some better results. Let’s take a look at these tips:

Compose in Thirds

The rule of thirds is some kind of imagination in which you imagine 4 lines, 2 lying vertically and 2 horizontally across the image, creating nine even squares. You can create more aesthetically composed photograph by placing the subject off-centre, while the focal point in the center squares makes some images look best.

The eyes will wander the frame when you’ll compose a photograph using the rule of thirds. You can provide a more pleasing and interesting look to the eye by composing a picture with the rule of thirds.

Avoid Camera Shake

You must learn the way to avoid the camera shake Otherwise, all your efforts will in go in vain. You must use both your hands to hold the camera properly. And in order to add some extra support, hold the camera close to your body.

Also, make sure that the focal length of the lens is compatible with the shutter speed you use. Your shutter speed should at least be 1/100th of a second if you’re using a 100mm lens and it should not be less than that. Use a monopod or tripod if possible. The tree or a wall can also be used to stabilize the camera if you don’t have a tripod or monopod.

Use a polarizer filter

The polarizer is the best filter that you should buy if you can only afford one filter. This filter does not only reduce reflections from water but also from glass and metal. It will protect your lens and it also improves the foliage and colors of the sky.