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From the time people started to take still images facts about photography has been there. There are going to be some facts that can come up, which can be awesome and interesting to some. Here are some facts about photography which can give you a new perspective on the subject.

The first colour photography

The first colour photography was the image that can get the result of the layering certain images. These were then projected to the photosensitive plate with the right filters. The photographer who set the process is the fact that the photographer and inventor who created the SLR camera to get the right colour capture. He was also known to develop the panoramic camera with a wide-angle lens.

The first projected image

There have been tiny holes which can ensure that you get the right projection of any given scenes. The first projected image which was taken through a camera Obscura. This was nothing but a tiny box which has a lot of holes allowing you to get the right light. The idea behind this camera was to get the image of something which represents the pinhole camera.

Potassium Chloride and Aluminium made the first flashes

Potassium Chloride and Aluminium although a very dangerous combination created flash which created a bright light which introduced the spark. The connection led to a very violent explosion but did not cause any harm to life.

The world’s Most Expensive photograph

Rhein II was captured by Andreas Gursky in the year 1999. This is one of the most expensive image which was sold for over $7 million. Although, there is no proof of this action which will remain anonymous.

The Daguerreotype

The Daguerreotype was a photographic process which has a very complicated operation. It was a camera which was made by the French Manufacturer Susse Freres which was later sold for almost $800,000.

Kodak has no real meaning

Kodak has no real meaning as George Eastman, who was the founder of Kodak, said that K-word has some strength to it, and he wanted to create a name which would make an impact.

Cat photos are a lot older than you think

Funny cat photos are not just a thing today but were still a very popular search in Google when it originated. This was a trend which was born in the 1870s when Harry Pointer captured his own cats and started the whole cat trend.

People Never Smiled in old Photos

Earlier pictures were taken from a large format camera which is not what it is today. This image would take literally hours to expose. The subjects were not smiling as they had to stand long hours and sometimes required a head brace for support. If you are looking for more such awesome facts about photography, click on PhotoCorner.com.au and learn more.